2021 Here We Come!

21st December 2020

Now is the time to be looking forward, not back.

2020 has been unprecedented and a write off for many people but not is the time to start looking to 2021 and making plans to get back on track.

2021 is the perfect time to make a fresh start.  For many that means re-evaluating what we’ve done in the past and changing the way we engage with our customers and clients.

The world has moved online.  Have you kept up?

Networking is now virtual and the positive side of that is that it is so much easier to meet people from outside your local area and build your network very quickly.  Virtual networking has always been there but not on the scale that it is now.

It is very easy to hop around the world in the different time zones and meet like-minded business owners who face the same challenges and are looking for solutions.

Looking at your business from a wider perspective can be an interesting exercise.

Could you promote your products or services online?

Are there new sectors which you could work with?

Thinking in a different way about your business could be exactly what you need to take you into 2021.

I always advise clients to write everything down, however bizarre it seems.  You might just spark an idea which you can work on and take forward.

Mind mapping is a great tool to use.  Start with your idea and see what comes from that.  It might go nowhere but on the other hand, it might just take you in a direction which you hadn’t considered before.

Stranger things have happened!  My initial crazy idea to share information and promote businesses has evolved and is now a glossy magazine with a big following.  That in turn has evolved into a membership for business owners looking to promote their businesses to a wider audience.  From little acorns …

If you’d like to talk through your ideas or just look at the way forward, I’m always happy to have a chat.  Book an initial free 15 minute call and see where it takes us

Have some downtime over the holiday and catch up in 2021

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