Are you feeling overwhelmed?
Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it?
Have you lost your mojo and passion for your business?
Are you losing the will to live?
Is your business starting to plateau?

What if I could show you how to -

Have peace of mind
Have clarity in your business
Define your purpose
Reduce the feeling of overwhelm
Reduce your stress
Rebalance your business so that you feel happier at home as well as work

About Sally Marshall

Sally Marshall is an entrepreneur and strategy coach working with businesses to double their business without doubling their time

Sally uses her 90 Day Signature Programme - Delegate To Elevate - to work with business owners who are looking to grow their business and achieve the outcome they want.

Sally uses her knowledge and experience gained from working in the House of Commons and then in her own business, to work with others.

She understands the challenges that businesses face.  Having worked in the public sector, Sally has worked to find solutions on a bigger scale but the challenges remain the same, whatever the size of business.

Sally runs her own business alongside her strategy and performance coaching.  Steer Your Business is a business magazine sharing information and promoting businesses.  An app which complements the magazine is also available to download from the App Store.  The app brings together businesses and events in one place and has a FREE business directory.



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