Whether you are looking for help with your business, an opportunity to write an article or promote your business to a wide network of businesses, we can offer you a solution.

We offer business coaching for entrepreneurs as well as making introductions through networking, the Steer Your Business magazine, the Steer Your Business app or the Make It Happen chat show.

We work with businesses of all sizes in all sectors so if you are currently facing a challenge in your business, get in touch and find out how we can help.

About Sally Marshall

Our Founder, Sally Marshall, works on a number of projects which have all been brought together here.

The Sally Marshall Group began as one project which Sally was working on, namely working with business owners to help support them with strategy, planning and numbers.  Sally’s experience from working in the House of Commons means that she understands the issues that businesses face and helps find solutions which work across all sectors.

Sally then wrote two books to share her knowledge – Delegate to Elevate and Know Your Numbers.  These became the basis for the workshops which Sally runs.

The Steer Your Business magazine was then born.  It was initially called “Reverse The Tide” but it soon became obvious that the branding of this project stood alone and attracted the attention of the water sports community.  The magazine was therefore rebranded “Steer Your Business”.

From the magazine came the idea of a podcast or chat show as it moved in to.  “Make It Happen” is the response Sally had when she asked her mentor to look at the business plan for the magazine.  A great phrase which says it all really.  The key to all of this is to take action and “Make It Happen”.

Sally now speaks at networking meetings and other events.  Her talks are very natural and inspirational to anyone who has heard her.


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