Do You Make Informed Decisions?

Knowing the numbers in your business is the key to making informed decisions based on reliable data

Turnover is a vanity figure! What you really need to understand is how much profit you are making, which products are the most profitable and who your key customers are who buy from you again and again

We Bring Your Business To Life!

Running your own business can be an overwhelming and stressful experience but it doesn't need to be

Once you understand what makes your business tick, it is easy to focus on the products and services that make your business a success

Sally works with business owners who are looking to grow their business and achieve the outcome they want.

From personal experience, Sally understands the challenges that businesses face.  Having worked in the public sector, she  has worked to find solutions on a larger scale.  The challenges are the same, whatever the size of the business.

Having come from employment to self-employment herself, Sally realises that many business owners are overwhelmed and need help.

A couple of years ago she had a crazy idea to share information and promote businesses –  Steer Your Business is the result!  A business magazine (and podcast) sharing information and promoting businesses and events across the UK and beyond

Steer Your Business now has a global following so Sally is putting into practice what she teaches her clients and building a business rather than creating a job for herself.



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