Working ON Your Business, Not IN Your Business

So many businesses I’ve been talking to recently have taken the opportunities presented by lockdown to reassess where they are with their business. 

For some, this means redressing the balance where things had gone slightly awry, for others it’s meant moving courses and classes online. 

Taking stock once a year is not a bad habit to get into anyway, whether we are in lockdown or not. 

Revisiting your business plan is something we should all do but many don’t.  If you were to look at your business plan now, what would it say? 

Do you still want to achieve the same things?  Are they all relevant still?  Has life changed? 

Your customers may be looking for something different now.  Has your business adapted? 

What will the remainder of 2021 look like for your business I wonder.   

I know for mine it’s a time to focus on what we’ve achieved so far and build on that foundation.  We have a good business model that works but we can do more. 

For many business owners, they took everything back in-house to save money, adapt to the changing conditions and stay afloat. 

Now is the time to look at that again and start to delegate.  There are some great schemes at the moment which enable you to take on staff in your business at very little cost such as the Kickstart scheme.  If you had an extra pair of hands to work in your business, which tasks would you offload?  

How could you make use of an extra resource to build your business over the next six months? 

Taking the time to work ON your business rather than IN your business is time well spent. 

Working with a business coach or consultant can bring a new perspective and fresh ideas.  Sometimes it’s just the simple things which someone else can see but you’ve missed.  You can be too close to your business and not see where the opportunities lie.  Having an external view can be so beneficial that it’s worth the hour or two of your time just to sit back and listen.  You don’t have to take up all the suggestions but one simple tweak might make all the difference to your day. 

Take time, work ON your business and enjoy whatever the remainder of 2021 has to bring. 

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