Are You Feeling Overwhelmed But Don’t Want To Admit It?

Last week I had a meeting with a new client. She is working on various areas of her business and starting to feel overwhelmed. So much going on and she needs to be part of all of it – or so she thinks.

Know that feeling?

Once we started talking about each area if the business, it became obvious that there is a solution but it means letting go and delegating to others.

In this instance, she is running a series of workshops, one of which she doesn’t enjoy. That was the perfect opening to say “what about having a guest tutor to run that particular workshop for you?” Once it was out in the open, she was quite receptive to the idea. She even had someone in mind who she would trust to run a workshop. A conversation with that person is now on the action list.

In another area of the business, she’d love to train someone to do what she does – cue another conversation about having an apprentice to work alongside her.

It just so happens that I’d been to a networking event the day before and met up with someone I know who can tell her all about the apprenticeship scheme and how it works in practice. Cue an introductory email so that they can start that conversation.

Is delegating something you struggle with in your business?

The answers are usually there but do you want to hear them?

Could you use a business coach as a sounding board to test out your ideas?

Give me a call and lets have a chat and see what we can put in place which will help free up your time and keep your business productive

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