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Why Your Business Deserves So Much More Than a Cool New Logo

5th April 2019

I opened the doors to Brandfunk to concentrate on helping SMEs reach their full potential with regards to understanding the fundamentals of good brand strategy and design. 

After 25 years’ experience in creative professions and working all over Europe, my passion for fresh and original creative solutions, combined with a level headed rational approach has helped many businesses stand out in their respective markets. 

I am often asked about logo design and the client will have in mind something significant, usually in a very distinct colour shade (or two) and a symbolic image that means a lot to them. I understand that for most of us our business is very precious and handing over the creative reins can have you feeling like the horse will bolt and you’ll be left with an empty stable! 

I have observed the trend to DIY lately and for the aforementioned reason I completely get why it is so tempting to keep you’re branding so close to your chest. 

The abundance of software available to turn ‘amateurs into pros’ almost overnight is very tempting to avoid entrusting an outside agency with your brand story. 

After all, we live in a world of technological advancement and informational ‘how to’s’ at our finger tips. It is so appealing to not only give it a go but save some money in the process.  

In fact, in a sense, I respect a business’ can do attitude but find the lack of depth and clarity dedicated to the design process in such instances a sobering thought. 

By attempting to create your brand identity yourself you risk missing key aspects such as strategy, the process and your messaging.  

So let’s stop you there… 

Do you know who your customers are and what they need? Or do you simply think you know what they want? 

A good design agency should consider aspects such as who your clients are and what their problem is in context to your business. They will incorporate many elements through various stages of the process to really hone in on the benefits of using your products and services and making sure the user experience is smooth and positively memorable. 

Attracting and speaking to your ideal clients gives your business a head start amongst competitors that bring a generic, often diluted message and imagery to the table. The aim is to stand out despite offering similar or the same offerings to those within your market.  

A good agency will take on board your mission, the desired customer journey, language, messaging and where you need to be positioned in your niche.  

Put aside your preferences!  We all lean towards colours and significance on a personal level, but focusing on you raises the question… 

Is this about you or them? 

Ultimately, your brand identity conveys a feeling that is multi-dimensional and emotion provoking. Something throwing up a quick logo just cannot give your business.  

Emma White 




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