Why Do You Need Processes In Your Business?

23rd May 2019

Having systems and processes in your business sounds boring and not what most business owners want to be thinking about, let alone doing.

From your customers point of view though, having a process for absolutely everything in your business ensures that you deliver everything you promised, on time and to the best of your ability.

When you set up your business, you will need a process for answering the phone, taking an order, processing the order and delivering the order as well as the hundreds of other things which happen each and every day – and those that only happen once in a blue moon.

Imagine the scenario that a customer cancels an order.  Hopefully it doesn’t happen very often but do you remember the steps you took the last time it happened?  Who needs to be notified?  Which files need to be updated?  How do you respond to the customer?

For most of us, we just work on auto-pilot but what happens if you’re not there and someone else has to cover for you?  Do they know what to do?  The answer is probably not so having a detailed note of how each and every job in your business is carried out can save a lot of phone calls, mistakes and forgetting who needs to do what.

Our businesses all change and adapt to new technology, new products and new staff.  Keeping an eye on the processes you have in place will also enable you to review what you do and why.  Is there a better way?  Could you update a process and make it more efficient, save duplication elsewhere in the business etc.  Standing still should never be an option.

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