Sally Marshall - Why You Need A Business Coach

Why Do You Need a Business Coach?

28th March 2019

For many business owners they feel that they know what they are doing and don’t need any external help in their business but is this really true?

I often hear of businesses which look amazing from the outside but what is really going on behind the scenes? Is the management team focussed on the day to day operation of the business or are they really looking at the strategy, the performance and the journey that they want to go on?

Taking time out of the business to work ON the business rather than IN the business is often seen as a waste of valuable time but I would argue that it a must and something which every business needs to do, particularly as they grow.

Knowing what is happening in the business at all levels is vital if you want to make informed decisions on using the resources you have. Finance is obviously a big factor in any business but it could also cover staff resources, customer reviews and product/service reviews.

Do you look at the customer reviews on a regular basis and see if your customers are happy with your product or service. Are you getting 5 star reviews from everyone – if not, what action can you take to improve that score? Have you set a target for the level you want to achieve – it should really be a 5 star every time if you are delivering an amazing service and all your customers are happy.

Many businesses collect data but don’t know why! It’s easy to collect data but what are you doing with it? Do you need it? Is it telling you a story? In these days of GDPR, should you be collecting all this data and if you are, then why aren’t you using it? Data can be amazingly powerful and tell you a lot about what is going on in your business. Do you know which are your best selling products or the most profitable service that you offer? Once you have this key information, you can work on your strategy so that you deliver the product or service that your customers want with the best profit margin for your business.

If you can’t answer any of these questions, give me a call and see how I can help you achive more clarity on the performance of your business –

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