1st March 2019

Picture this; you have worked hard for years to get where you are in your career. You might be the Managing Director, the Sales Manager, the Sales Director, point is, you have given almost everything to be where you are.  

As a result of your blood, sweat and tears you are now in a financial position to buy that Super Car you have always wanted, you know the one, it goes from 0 – 60 mph in less than 3 seconds, the dash is like something from the Star Ship Enterprise, the curves on it would make Marylin Monroe jealous and the noise that engine makes….wow…..yeah, that car. 

It’s your pride and joy and why not, you’ve worked hard for it. 

Now imagine it’s not running as it should, you need a new part, it needs fixing.  

Would you take it to your local mainstream, generalist garage??? 

Probably not aye. I’m guessing you would take your beloved car to a specialist super car garage, a main dealer. Someone that absolutely knows what they are doing with your particular make of car. Forget the garage that knows a little about all types of car, you don’t want that. You want an absolute expert in your exact make of car. Don’t you? 

So why are you not doing the same with your recruitment partner? 

I’ve done it myself over the years, I have used lots of Recruitment Agencies to recruit my staff in previous roles. Some big, some small, some local, some national…..but they have ALL been generalist recruiters. 

On their sites, advertising anything from a Solicitor to a Sales Director via a Head Chef. How on earth can anyone claim to know everything there is to know about each of these industries? 

Yeah sure, they are probably a lot smarted than me and so can retain bits of information about each job role. But there is no way they are true EXPERTS in every one of them…and isn’t that the person you want to deal with your staffing, an expert. Someone who knows your staff and what you are looking for inside and out? 

Here are my tips on helping you find the right Specialist Recruiter for your business: 

  1. Check out their website, if they are recruiting for anything other than your role/industry…they aren’t specialists. They are just saying that for marketing purposes or at best have a “specialist desk”. 


  1. Invite them into your office to meet you and maybe some of your staff. During this conversation – well, interview, you will 100% be able to spot if they are giving you generic answers. Or if indeed they do truly get you and your staffing needs. 


  1. Demand nothing but a 50% hire rate, minimum. If they pass the above steps, this is where the cream will rise to the top. If they are experts then you should be hiring 1 out of every 2 people they send you! 


Happy Recruiting and remember to ALWAYS #lovewhatyoudo 

Matthew Bevan 


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