How to Stop Working Fridays

11th February 2019

Fed-up with spending too long in pointless face-to-face meetings?

Well, here’s a great way to free-up some time, and get your life – and your happiness – back!

My PA Emma is amazing. Brilliant at her job. Our customers all love her. And she saves me hours

every week. Here’s how…

When people ring, they often want to see me face-to-face (f2f) for an hour.

So, if appropriate, Em says ‘Andy’d love to meet you. But we don’t need to take an hour of your time – he’s really quick at things like this. So let’s put it in for less. If you and Andy then agree you’d like more time, you can sort that with him then – OK?’

And of course, they always agree with this. Because it’s better and quicker for them.

She then says ‘I want to book it in ASAP for you. But, because you’re in different cities, it’ll be much

quicker for you if I organise a telephone meeting for you – OK?’

Again, they agree with this too.

So, the caller’s delighted. They’ve got the meeting they wanted. Even better – it’s only twenty

minutes, taking place soon; not one hour f2f in a few weeks.

And for the few people who’ve said to Emma “I much prefer face-to-

face than phone”, she tends to reply “Have you seen his face?! Trust me – phone’s better.”

And for some reason they always agree with this!

Try this

Look at how many hours you spend in one – hour f2f meetings. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could

spend less time in them? Well, you can!

Just shorten them. Or hold them less often. Or make them telephone not f2f.

I know that seeing your lovely face is important to everyone. But your time is important to


And anything you can do to give you more of it is a must do…

Andy Bounds is one of the world’s leading authorities on communication and sales.

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