Is admin overtaking your day?

How much admin do you do?

15th September 2019

I’ve been reviewing my business and what I do every day, and realised that the admin is starting to take over again!

Do you know that feeling?  Sometimes I think it’s quicker and easier to do things myself but is it really?  I’m taking time out of my day in order to do simple but time consuming tasks which someone else can easily do for me – and probably quicker and more efficiently too!

In my book, I talk about listing all the tasks you do and seeing which ones you REALLY need to do.  All the others can be delegated or even deleted in some cases.

We all need to review our businesses on a regular basis and see what we’re actually doing.  These little tasks – and not so little sometimes – seem to slip into our day without us noticing!  They slow you down and take you away from where you really need to be – promoting your business, selling your products and services and generating the leads which keep your business afloat.

Leaving someone else to do the routine tasks which can be done without you being there is the sign of a good leader.  Trust the people working in your business to get on with it and free up your time to work ON your business.

I’m going to set you a challenge.  Write down everything you do this week and then divide them into red, blue and black – red for admin tasks which cost you money, blue for operational areas and black for the over-arching strategy.  The money is in the black so are you doing enough of this?

Let me know what results you get.  I think  you will be surprised at where your day takes you and into which areas of your business.

If you’d like to discuss this further, then why not book a call and let’s have a chat about your business and where you’d like to take it.

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