Have your Watched Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares?

27th December 2019

Over the past couple of days I’ve watched one or two episodes of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. Have you seen it?

The scenario is always the same – a restaurant owner who is overwhelmed, stuck in the past, same old menu, no customers and no idea what is happening in their business.

Often the restaurant owner is a chef who is good at what he does but not so good at running the business. Being a chef is very different to being a business owner and requires different skills. You can’t be in the kitchen, managing the restaurant, sorting out the finances, running the social media accounts and everything else that goes into a successful business. It’s overwhelming, stressful and doesn’t really work.

The solution is always to review the business, see what’s working, refresh the menu with food the customers actually want to eat, be authentic and promote the business to the types of people who want to eat there.

Delegating tasks so that everyone knows what they have to do and is allowed to get on with it is key to any business, and running a restaurant is no exception. When people know what they are responsible for, they get on with it, take pride in their work and ensure that everything runs smoothly in their area.

Working as a team is the only way forward and if the team isn’t communicating, then the business suffers.

If you’ve every watched Gordon Ramsey go into a restaurant, communication is often one of the key elements missing. The “boss” is trying to control everything, be everywhere and often just shouts orders which makes it worse, not better.

Customers pick up on what is happening very quickly. Food gets sent back to the kitchen which adds to the chaos. Bad reviews follow and the word soon gets round that this isn’t a great place to eat.

Putting some systems and processes in place, allocating roles and responsibilities and keeping an eye on the reviews revolutionises businesses.

Sounds simple but how many businesses do you know who are stuck and need some help to move forward?

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