Do Your Potential Customers Understand What You Do?

11th January 2020

Do your potential clients understand what you do?

It might sound like a strange question when you are very clear about what you do but I’ve had a few conversations recently with business owners who are not getting their message across.

One is using terminology which isn’t clearly understood – I had to ask what it meant! The same person is also networking with business owners when his potential clients are probably employed and looking to move up the career ladder.

Another person is not promoting a service that she is offering even though her audience is full of potential clients.

It’s always worth going back and looking at what you’re doing and what you’re saying – and to who.

Is your strategy aligned and clear?

Do people understand what you’re saying?

Are you getting the response that you expect?

Sometimes we need to listen more and talk less! Difficult sometimes I know but if you give people the chance, they will often tell you what their problems are, what they are looking for and this will then give you the opportunity to offer a solution.

What is the solution that you are offering and how do your customers feel once they have solved their problem? People buy on emotion, how they feel right now and how they think they will feel once they have the solution.

You can talk features all day long but what they are really looking for is the benefit to them.

Tell a story, talk about someone who has come out the other side and how they feel. What was their problem initially and how did you solve it?

If I stand up at a networking meeting and say that I’m a business coach, everyone switches off! It’s a fact. Watch the room next time you are at a networking meeting and see what happens.

However, if I stand up and say that I’m working with a client to grow their network, increase their leads and generate more cash, what reaction do you think I get?

So what is the problem you are solving? How do you solve the problem?

I work with solopreneurs to help them create a strategy to build their network, generate more leads and increase their cashflow.

What do you do?

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