Do You Delegate and Abdicate?

28th February 2020

As a business starts to grow and you take on new staff, do you engage with them, work with them and move things forward together or do you just hand over responsibility for that particular area of your business and don’t look at it again?

Being a leader in a business is about working WITH people not just delegating and walking away!

I’ve come across a number of businesses recently where the business owner has a team of people working in their business but they don’t actually know what is happening, haven’t looked at that particularly area of the business for quite some time and have no idea whether everything is as they would want it or not.

When you delegate and abdicate, things start to go wrong or perhaps they don’t go in the direction you had planned. If you don’t do something about it, then it can all go horribly wrong and become quite a challenge to change.

I know from my years as a PA, I worked WITH my boss, not for him (his words, not mine) and we worked as a team. As he said, he couldn’t do what I did and I couldn’t do what he did so we needed to work together in order to achieve the outcome that we wanted.

Working as a team doesn’t mean that you have to interfere on a day-to-day level but it does mean that you need to know what is happening, be there to have a conversation if help and advice is needed and keep an eye on progress so that everything happens as you would wish.

It comes down to management skills effectively. Are you (or your managers) managing staff or just giving orders? Managing staff is so much more than just giving orders. It’s a skill which not everyone has but can be learned.

I met someone recently who had all the systems and processes in place for managing staff but wasn’t using them. Managing staff can be quite time consuming but also very rewarding. Everyone needs to know the boundaries and we all push to see how far we can go before we get stopped. If you have rules, then enforce them. Don’t complain when someone takes advantage and tests the rules. They are there for a reason and are what defines the culture within a business.

Taking on someone in your business is a big step. If you’re not sure how to proceed, then ask for some help. Having a process for taking on staff, managing them and growing your business are all things which are often out of a business owner’s comfort zone or a new area of business which they haven’t had to deal with before.

If you have a team, have a good look at your business and be honest with yourself. Are you managing the business or have you abdicated responsibility?

As a business owner, you are not expected to know everything! If you need some help, just ask. We’re always ready to help to find a solution to whatever problem you are currently facing in your business.

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