Are You Adding Value For Your Clients?

28th December 2020

More and more business owners that I’m talking to are finding a way to carry on working by going online or by offering a local delivery service.  Obviously this doesn’t work for every business but for many it does. 

For my own business, I’ve focussed on the magazine and created a membership around it rather than around networking as many businesses have done.  This makes the offering a bit different and by adding value, it is an attractive proposition which is proving popular. 

I think that is the key.  Adding value to what you offer attracts interest and ultimately customers.  If you are the same as all your competitors, it is much harder work to find the customers who want to buy your product or service.  By “standing out from the crowd” you differentiate yourself from all the others. 

Adding value isn’t as difficult as you might think.  What can you add which your customers think is fantastic but which doesn’t cost you a lot to provide.  It might be something simple such as remembering their name rather than a “Dear Sir”, or knowing that they drink tea rather than coffee when they come in for an appointment.  A simple birthday card showing that you remember them or just a little thank you gift which they remember and will tell everyone about. 

It could be an e-book or some online templates which they can use in their business.  For you, once it’s created then it can be shared any number of times with additional cost.

I have a collaboration through the magazine with Latte & Live which is based in Hull.  They recently sent out small gifts to all their members and lots of photos were posted on social media which was great advertising for them as well as being appreciated by members.   

 What could you add to your product or service which makes your clients want to stay and also refer you to their friends and colleagues? 

Do your customers tend to stay, buy from you regularly and refer prospective clients to you or do they buy once and never return? 

It’s an interesting exercise to do and something which you should be monitoring on a regular basis.  If customers aren’t returning, you could ask them for a review or send them a survey to find out why.  Rather than being a negative exercise, if you look at it more as constructive feedback, you can address any issues and offer a better service going forward.  If you don’t know, then you could be pushing clients away when a simple change would keep them coming back over and over again. 

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